Fall 2015 Newsletter

Hi Everybody,

I am getting ready to hit the road for my Fall Tour. Many juicy residencies and performances coming up this Fall. How amazing to embark on a national tour in which MARRIAGE EQUALITY HAS ARRIVED IN EVERY STATE! Yeehaw!

It will be wonderful to kick off the year with my first performance residency ever at St Cloud State University in Minnesota followed by my annual workshop intensive with Rhonda Blair's Solo Performance class at SMU, and then excited to be coming back to Boston soon and performing at Northeastern Univ. Oct 8 and making a piece with students during the residency.

Then I launch into an intensive Central PA, Upstate NY and Ohio tour to Penn State University, Bucknell University, Ithaca College, Hobart and William Smith College, Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center and Heidelberg Univ. Upstate NY is where my people come from. My new show is exploring the "what comes next" of this moment after the recent Supreme Court decisions around marriage equality. It is taking me to look at my family history- what is told and what is hidden- and a family fact that is staying with me that Alistair and I got married in NY State on Defense of Marriage Act Overturn Day June 26, 2013 and the last time a family member got married in NY State was in 1867 in Elmira , NY! I have their marriage license from 148 years ago. It is taking me in some really great places and the new piece is about half done. I will get to go to the courthouse where they got married in Elmira on my way from Bucknell to Ithaca. Performance research and a road trip between gigs!

I am especially excited to be coming back to Buffalo, NY Nov 8 and the amazing Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center! Hallwalls was one of the very first arts centers that ever brought me to perform back when I was a wee laddie of 22! And last time I was there I borrowed Hallwalls director Ed Cardoni's car and went to Niagara Falls and got a whole piece out of it. Will be good to come back to Buffalo to do that piece set on the Rainbow Bridge of Niagara Falls and a whole bunch of brand new material for Hallwalls!

Then the new year will take me back to North Carolina School of the Arts and Wheaton College in MA

September 27-October 2, 2015 University of Minnesota - St. Cloud
October 3-4 Southern Methodist University
Dallas, TX
October 5-11 Northeastern University
Boston, MA
October 22-26 Penn State University, MFA Theatre
October 27-November 1 Bucknell University
Lewisburg, PA
November 2 Ithaca College
November 2-7 Hobart & William Smith College
Geneva, NY
November 8 Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center
Buffalo, NY
November 9-11 Heidelberg University
Tiffin, OH
January 25-30, 2016 University of North Carolina School of the Arts
February 1-7 Wheaton College
Norton, MA

Seeya on the road!


PS: I was very excited to get my copy in the mail of the Spring 2015 QED: A Journal in GLBTQ Worldmaking which has published the complete script of my show Lay of the Land. I am so glad that Lay of the Land- a show about marriage equality and Prop 8- is out in print as the Supreme Court takes up the big marriage case! Thanks Editors-in-Chief Chuck Morris and Tom Nakayama and to Queer Performance editor Bryant Keith Alexander. Check out the MSU Press website for QED. Here is a link to the PS 122 video archive of the entire video of my show Lay of the Land. A handy help to go along with the published version.

Tim Miller - Lay of the Land