Winter 2015 Newsletter

Lay of the Land published! Ohio Tour!

Hi All,

I was very excited to get my advance copy in the mail of the Spring 2015 QED: A Journal in GLBTQ Worldmaking which has published the complete script of my show Lay of the Land. I am so glad that Lay of the Land- a show about marriage equality and Prop 8- is out in print as the Supreme Court takes up the big marriage case! Thanks Editors-in-Chief Chuck Morris and Tom Nakayama and to Queer Performance editor Bryant Keith Alexander. Check out the MSU Press website for QED.

Here is a link to the PS 122 video archive of the entire video of my show Lay of the Land. A handy help to go along with the published version.

Everything is coming up Ohio in March. I will be doing residencies all over the state.

March 16-21, 2015 Ohio Wesleyan
March 22-28 Kenyon College
March 29–April 1 Marietta College

Some thoughts about Lay of the Land getting published in QED...

One of my major prompts as a teacher and director with young performance-makers who I work with at Theaters, Museums and Universities is that they go to that most urgent place in their lives to create original performance from. As a queer California, that was certainly true of me for Lay of the Land. Right after election day 2008, when Prop 8 passed and stole away marriage equality in California, I was laid low in anger and sorrow at what had happened. But the next week a quarter of a million Americans marched in hundreds of cities in all 50 states to protest what had just happened with this electoral hate crime in CA. It was the largest day of LGBT protest in history. This performance leaps out of that day of national protest. Lay of the Land is all about the emotional and political wreckage of that post Prop 8 moment. Lay of the Land is a "lay" in all kinds of ways: an erotic assignation, a queer citizenship map, and of course a narrative ballad with a recurrent refrain! (My favorite way-down-the-list definition for "lay"!)

It was totally exciting and scary performing this piece all over the US for four years—from Tampa to Anchorage, Los Angeles to Boston—in the middle of frying pan's sizzle and the court cases that were cooking along with us: from the narrow passage of Prop 8 in 2008 to its overturn, along with the Defense of Marriage Act, by the Supreme Court in 2013.

Seeya soon!

Tim Miller - Lay of the Land